Founded in 2003 SWISSGEST SA is a financial intermediary regulated by the Swiss law, authorized, supervised and audited by the Swiss supervisors (FINMW & BNS). We are a fully accredited independent asset management firm, specializing in asset management and family office services for entrepreneurs and their families, as well as institutions. Our regional focus is on clients from the Africa, Middle East, Europe and Switzerland.

Our partners are leading Swiss banks, recognized for their solidity and expertise. We advise our international clients, with the full operational support of our custodian banks. Within the context of a discretionary mandate obtained from our clients, we adopt a long term approach to investment, with of view on Capital Preservation. Our clients enjoy a personalized service, independent financial advice, discretion and the security offered by Swiss supervisory bodies.

SWISSGEST SA designs and monitors strategies composed exclusively of sound investment assets of international and recognized solvency. The assets of our customer ́s remains deposited with in financial institutions contributing to the creation of an independent offer totally focused in enriching our customers.

Our best of breed solutions are based on best practices in financial advising. Our expertise and our extensive network of global investment professionals and of international financial institutions, enables us to rapidly provide our clients with financial solutions. We are committed to developing privileged long-term relationships with high net worth individuals, as we build on the art of wealth management for future generations. We act independently to respond to our client’s needs.

SWISSGEST SA adds a group of professionals with extensive experience in the financial sector in Asset Management Financial Strategy, Investment Banking and Private Banking. Our clients benefit from a personalized service, independent financial advice and  simultaneously beneficial security offered by supervisors and with their existing relationship with existing financial institutions.SWISSGEST SA is particularly suited to investors seeking to maintain flexibility and independence in counseling and managing their assets coupled with having an harmonious relationship based on description and trust.

Each manager in SWISSGEST SA has a single mentor – You.